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Waterproofing Flexible – Flex – Bucket 16 kg (un)

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Product in form of an emulsion based on acrylic resins and special additives, in combination with cement, resulting in a flexible compound and impermeable membrane.

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Waterproofing of areas subject to water accu- mulation: cold areas – box, toilets, cold areas – box, bwc, balconies, terraces, floors in gen- eral, slabs, gutters, cold areas in drywall, floors and walls, reservoirs, suspended water tanks, swimming pools, tanks, water mirror, crossbeam in ground staked and invisible joints cement slabs.


• Cost, drying timeframe and reduced coating quantity.
• Reduction of work load.
• Simple and easy to mix, easy application, does not require skilled manpower labor.
• Resistant to high positive hydrostatic pressures.
• High efficiency and high performance
• High adherence on different substrates.
• Does not contain plasticizer, ensuring permanent flexibility of the impermeability.
• Dispenses kneeling system and domed corners in masonry.
• Dispenses mechanical protection in areas without traffic of people.
• It may directly receive any coating.
• Excellent impermeability and durability.
• Does not affect drinking water, being non-toxic and odorless.


Surfaces should be cleaned of dust, oil and grease, free from particles etc.


• For better adherence between the substrate and the impermeable membrane, it is recommended the applica- tion of the primer.
• Construcril Flex must be diluted in clean water in 1:4 ratio (Constructil Flex: water).
• This water must be clean and free from impurities.


Manually mix Construcril Flex with cement (CPII OR E 32 F 32 II CP), in ratio of 1: 1 (Construcril Flex: cement) with drill and coupled mixer until there are no lumps in the mixture. P.S .: POT-LIFE (time of use of the mixture) – prepare amount of mixture for use in a maximum of 120 minutes.


• Apply three cross-coats in all area to be topped.
• It can be used brush, sheep wool roller or brush 4 “
• At all times pay attention to the drying between coats which takes 90 minutes to 25°C and 50% of humidity.
• In critical areas such as drain, gaskets and baseboards, reinforce with resinous polyester mesh of 2 x 1 mm, even in the first coat. As specified in the process.


• Bucket with 16 kg


• 1150 to 250 g/m² per hand. Depending on the substrate.


• It is essential the use of PPE.
• Regular care in handling chemicals.
• In case of contact with skin, wash with soap and water for at least 15 minutes.
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water for 15 minutes.
• If swallowed, do not induce vomit and immediately consult a doctor.


• Processes 001, 002, 003, 004 and 005.


Store the product in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place, out of reach of children, animals and away from heat sources. Never expose the product to direct sunlight.


Construcril ensures the quality of all products; we do not assume responsibility for performance of the work since we do not have direct control over the application. All products should be applied as instructed in our factsheets and processes made available by the company on site and technical department.


9 months.


pH 8 – 10
P.E. (g/cm³) 1 +/- 0,05 g/cm³
Ambient Temperature Drying 120 minutes
Dilution Water
Basic Composition Acrylic Resin + Special Additive
Conditions of Application 25°C / 50% UR
Interval between Hands 90 minutes


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