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Hydrophobic Compound and Moisture Barrier - H2Out - Bucket 12 kg (un)


Waterproof and steam barrier permeable membrane. Acrylic resin and mineral load- based product, applied as painting, forming an elastic membrane preventing water from entering, but allowing steam to pass through it

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• Cement Board;
• OSB Panels;
• Wall Panels;
• EIFS System;
• Light Steel Frame;
• Wood Frame;
• Masonry;
• Spandrel;


• Waterproofing product at positive hydrostatic pressures.
• Water steam permeable.
• Chemical composition compatible with all coatings.
• Monolithic coating.
• Easy hermetic sealing creation at complex geometries.
• In case of breach, cracks and movement, the membrane is not compromised.
• There is no overlapping at joints.
• Great efficiency and high yield.
• It makes environment sanitizing easier by means of condensing.
• In case of maintenance, repair is limited.
• It protects the work structural integrity.


Surfaces must be free from dust, oil or grease, and loose particles, etc.


• Construcril H2Out does not require mixing, as it is ready to be applied.
• Apply two crossed coats at the area to be waterproofed. Always observe the curing time between coats, which is 90 minutes at 25oC and 50% air humidity.


• 12kg bucket.


• 0.40 to 0.75 kg/m2 per coat (depending on the substrate);
• 300 g/m2 – osb and cement board.


• Use of PPE is mandatory.
• Usual care when handling chemicals shall be taken.
• In case of skin contact, wash it with plenty water and soap for, at least, 15 minutes.
• In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with running water for 15 minutes.
• In case of ingestion, do not induce vomiting and immedia- tely seek a physician.


• Process #029.


Store the product on a sheltered, fresh, dry and ventilated location, away from children, animals, and heat sources. Never expose the product to direct sun radiation.


Construcril assures the quality of all products. We cannot be held responsible for the work performance as we do not have direct control over the application. All products must be applied according to the instructions featured on our technical data sheets and processes made available by the company at its webpage and technical department.


9 months.


pH 8 – 10
Specific gravity (g/cm³) 1,20 +/- 0,20 g/cm³
Environment Temperature Curing 48 hours
Dilution Water
Basic Composition Acrylic Resin
Application Conditions 25ºC / 50% RH
Interval between Coats 40 – 90 minutes


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