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Drywall Joint Compound Max8 – Bucket w / 15 Kg (un)

Dough for drywall ready developed for treatment of joints and fine surface finish on drywall. It exhibits great adhesion, both on the substrate and on the tape.

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• Treatment of joints between drywall sheets – RU / RF / STD on walls, linings and ceilings.
• Screw head treatment.


• Cost, drying timeframe and reduced coating quantity.
• Reduction of work load.
• Ready to go, does not require any mixture, which facilitates its application.
• High efficiency and high performance.
• High adherence on different substrates.
• It may directly receive any coating.
• It may be applied between +10ºC to +50ºC.


Surfaces should be cleaned of dust, oil and grease, free from particles etc.


• Construcril Max 8 is mixture free, as it comes ready to be applied.
• Apply a first layer of paste grout on the joint area, with the assistance of metal trowel.
• Mark down the spindle with the metal trowel.
• Insert a micro punched tape on the joint spindle, with its protrusion over the first layer of paste, in a way to be perfectly taut and centralized, ensuring topping and planeness of the whole treated extent.
• Firmly press the tape to remove the paste excess avoiding air bubbles, gaps and wrinkles.
• Topping the tape with a light layer of paste in a way the tape does not become detached, while the paste under the tape is still damp.
• Remove paste excess on the tape leveling up with the surface, with a trowel in the gypsum board plate.
• After complete drying, 60-120 minutes, depending on temperature and air temp humidity, the joint may be finished with one or more paste applications with metal trowel, as the joint may be leveled up with the surface of the plates.
• Always wait for the complete drying of each coat.
• Before painting, the joints and screws areas must be sanded with sandpaper wrapped wooden bat or other flat base element, eliminating burrs and ripples.
• For walls with a layer of sheets in a same face, perform caulking of the intermediate layers together with grouting paste.
• Prime up the full joint only in the external layer
• Apply a strip of paper with a spatula.


• Buckets with 5, 15 and 30 kg.
• Barrel with 30 Kg.


• 500 to 700 g/m².


• It is essential the use of PPE.
• Regular care in handling chemicals.
• In case of contact with skin, wash with soap and water for at least 15 minutes.
• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with running water for 15 minutes.
• If swallowed, do not induce vomit and immediately consult a doctor.


• Process 020.


Store the product in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place, out of reach of children, animals and away from heat sources. Never expose the product to direct sunlight.


Construcril ensures the quality of all products; we do not assume responsibility for performance of the work since we do not have direct control over the application. All products should be applied as instructed in our factsheets and processes made available by the company on site and technical department.


9 months.


pH 9 – 11
P.E. (g/cm³) 1,7 +/- 0,10 g/cm³
Ambient Temperature Drying 24-48 hs
Dilution Water
Basic Composition Acrylic Resin
Conditions of Application 25°C / 50% UR


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