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Construcril Base Coat – 20 kg bag. (un)


Product based on cementitious alloy, mineral aggregates with controlled particle size, chemical additives and waterproofing com- ponents.

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  • Cementitious Plate;
  • Wall Panels;
  • EIFIS System;
  • Light Steel Frame;
  • Wood Frame;
  • Masonry;
  • Locks


Care required prior to application:

Before starting the Construcril Base Coat Surface Treatment, check accurately if the temperature of the plates is between 5°C and 28°C (Celsius degrees) so that the mortar dries appropriately and it doesn’t dehydrate incorrectly, causing mechanical damage or presenting disorders such as cracks and fissures.

In rainy periods, the plates can absorb humidity, making it necessary to wait for a full dry day so that they can expel this humidity. This will ensure that the plates are not sealed and waterproofed with retained humidity after the Construcril Base Coat drying.

Method of preparation:

With the aid of a clean bucket and a low speed mechanical mixer, stir a 20 kg-pack of Construcril Base Coat Mortar (powder) in approximately 4.5 liters of clean water.

If necessary, add more water, little by little, and repeat the process with the mixer until you obtain a homogeneous mortar.

Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes. After the stipulated time, mix the material again. Do not use any additive. Do not mix a quantity that cannot be applied in 1 hour.

Start the application of Construcril Base Coat joint treatment:

Step 1
After fixing the Cementitious Plates, clean the surface to be treated, removing any element that hinders their adhesion (dust, oil, grease etc.).

Step 2
With the aid of a putty knife, fill in the joints between the plates with the Construcril Base Coat mortar.

Step 3
Apply the “10 cm” Construcril mesh tape on the joints and use a putty knife to cover with the Construcril Base Coat mortar, evening it out. Wait 4 to 6 hours for the drying of the mortar and start the next step.

Start the application of the Construcril Base Coat surface treatment:

Step 1
Start the surface treatment by applying the Base Coat Construcril mortar to the full extent of the plate, using a toothed float, forming a layer of approximately 3 mm.

Step 2
Place the “100 cm” Construcril fiberglass mesh on the surface where the mortar was applied. With the aid of a concrete float, carefully spread the mortar so that the screen is not visible. Overlap 10 cm in all mesh joints.

Step 3
Soon after the drying period of Construcril Base Coat surface treatment, the application of a waterproofing/sealer on the surface is indicated, in order to decrease the action of bad weather (Sun and rain) on the wall or coating until the final execution. Apply surface protection on Construcril Base Coat mortar within 60 days.

Important notes

Do not spread the mortar in large areas, as it may dry out making the application and settlement process more difficult.

Do not apply the mortar on rainy days and wet surface. Make sure that the plate is completely dry to make the application.


20 kg box.


An average of 7m² with 3mm of minimum thickness per pack of 20 kg.


  • Use the correct PPE.
  • Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Prolonged contact with skin may cause dermatitis.
  • Do not drink, eat or smoke while handling.
  • Wash hands after work.
  •   Shipping: product is not classified as dangerous according to Transport Regulation. (Resolution ANTT no. 420 dated 2/12/2004).
  • Fire: Non-flammable and non-explosive product.
  • Toxicity: product is not considered toxic, but direct contact without PPE should be avoided and it must be kept out of reach of children.


Stock the product in a cool, airy, dry and well ventilated place, out of reach of children, animals and away from heat sources. Never expose the product to direct sunlight.


Construcril ensures the quality of all products; we do not assume responsibility for the work performance since we do not have direct control over the application. All products should be applied according to the specifications and processes made available by the company on site and technical department




9 months.

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