24 Years Innovating in Civil Construction Solutions

The Construction Chemicals Industry, which benefits products for construction, is a member company of the VR Group, composed also of the companies R. Bassani Drywal that operates with projects, execution of works and distribution of products and services in drywall, by B & amp; P Industrial Resins, an industry dedicated to the production of synthetic resins, and by DryFrame Construtora e Incorporadora, focused on the execution of works in dry construction systems (Steel Frame and Drywall).

Headquartered in Itapevi-SP, Construcril started its activities in 1991, focused on the manufacture of masses for the treatment of joints and fine finishing in drywall, and today it is responsible for supplying 75% of the demand for this product in the national market.

Success is the result of the recognition of a work that values ​​absolute quality in all phases of the production process, from research and formulation to packaging and distribution. This led to the expansion of the portfolio of products, including solutions in waterproofing and chemical specialties for finishing in civil construction.

Today, present in countless works all over the country, we invest more and more in the growth of our industrial park, as well as in technology that always allows the innovation in solutions that amplify results and performance in the construction site.

To generate value for our customers, teams and society, acting in a sustainable way in the development of products and solutions in chemical for civil construction.

Business Definition:
Research, formulation, manufacture and packaging of chemicals for civil construction.

Company policy:
Full satisfaction of customers with solutions and products purchased.

Distinct Competency:
Conceptual performance in the dissemination of the use of products and application of processes in a sustainable way in the scope of civil construction.

Target markets:
B2B market in supply and supply of chemicals in lots for medium and large construction sites, and B2C in the resale and distribution of products in conventional retail channels.

Positioning itself among the main players of the market as a reference of excellence in the development of products and chemical specialties for civil construction.

Respect and satisfaction with employees, suppliers and customers.

Guarantee the delivery of differentiated products according to methods and processes guaranteeing the highest quality standard.

Transparency and credibility in complying with legal principles in commercial transactions.

Innovation: </ strong>
Search for new products, visualizing and anticipating the world trends of the construction market, as well as the expectations and needs of partners and consumers.

Guarantee the excellence of our products, methods and processes, invest in careful selection of suppliers, qualify and qualify labor, as well as improve and update technologies implemented in our industrial parks.

Environment and community:
To consolidate a portfolio of products and solutions of low environmental impact, both in the industrialization of materials and in the processes of use and application.

Look for sustainable growth always in the purpose of guaranteeing the real usefulness and necessity of the products that we benefit, the professional fulfillment of the employees involved and the responsibility in the development and progress of the social body as a whole.


Industry that manufactures chemicals for civil construction.

R. Bassani Drywal

Company that works with projects, execution of works and distribution of drywall products and services.

B&P Resinas

Industry dedicated to the production of synthetic resins.


Builder and developer specializing in dry construction systems (Steel Frame and Drywall).


Company specialized in import and export of products for civil construction.


It operates in the semi-industrial manufacture of pre-cast for drywall and also in tailor-made projects.

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