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Flexible Bicomponent Waterproofing Compound – FLEX PLUS – Box 18 kg (un)

Flexible bicomponent waterproofing coating (A + B) acrylic emulsion-based, special cements, mineral additives and polymers of excellent waterproofing characteristics. Features great adhesion, flexibility and exceptional mechanical resistance.

Waterproofing Flexible – Flex – Packaging 16 kg (un)


Product in form of an emulsion based on acrylic resins and special additives, in combination with cement, resulting in a flexible compound and impermeable membrane.

Hydrophobic Compound and Moisture Barrier – H2Out – Bucket 12 kg (un)

Waterproof and steam barrier permeable membrane. Acrylic resin and mineral load- based product, applied as painting, forming an elastic membrane preventing water from entering, but allowing steam to pass through it

Flexible and Elastic Waterproofing – Elastic – Blue Color – Bucket 12 Kg (un)

Acrylic resins based product that forms an extremely flexible compound impermeable membrane, elastic and resistant to UV rays. Marketed in the colors white, blue, green and grey for a better view of the base coating, it is cold-applied on-site.

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